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RSS changes and other improvements

This site now has a single RSS feed. Previously there were two separate feeds – one had updates to the “home page” and parts of the site. A completely separate one gave updates for the blog. Those who used the “site” RSS feed will now find that they – by magic (technically called a 301 redirect) – are now getting the same feed as those using the blog feed. In order to make the feed work effectively for all, I think I will need to highlight some of the additions to the “home page” in short blog posts. You can find the RSS feed in the usual places (the browser address bar at the top, or scroll down to the last links at the bottom of this page).

Celebrating Eucharist and other PDFs

There are some ongoing computer issues. Some PDF files have (long) been missing from this site. A way to bypass the issues has been found (more magic!) Most significantly the Celebrating Eucharist PDF files are now back online.

I always appreciate being told about links that don’t work and other issues with the site. Better to be told several times than not at all – so don’t think: “Oh, Bosco will know about that”. The site is now so vast, there is no way I can keep track of everything.

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