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Some Thoughts on Liturgy

I hope that you find the above talk on worship useful and enjoyable. I am so delighted to share it with you.

In this talk on worship I present some concrete, practical suggestions to help with worship that works and spirituality that connects. I suggest some simple models that can be applied in lots of different contexts.

You can use the talk for your own reflection or in a group. You can even use it with a whole community.

You can use the talk as a whole. Or you can stop and start it for discussion. You can split it across several sessions.

Where do you agree? Why? Where do you disagree? Why? Where are you challenged? What were some new ideas for you? Most importantly: how might you change? What can be improved in your worship practice? The practice of your community?…

There’s a lot of work preparing for the talk. It brings together the essence of much that is the focus of this website.

It was filmed at a liturgy education event organised by the Tikanga Pakeha Ministry Council of the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia.

There is a transcript of this talk available to download here as a PDF.

If you want to follow up this talk with further reflection, my (free) book Celebrating Eucharist is a resource that develops these ideas, and includes discussion questions.

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Some Thoughts on Liturgy

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I have also made a permanent page for the talk here.

I did enjoy YouTube’s “English (automatic captions) transcript” of the video – it probably expresses well some people’s experience of liturgy!

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