Last year on the 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time, in the Lectionary of the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia The Anglican Church of Or the suggested liturgical colour was colours were Green, or… ummm… Red, or…. White, or… ummm… Violet. My mentioning this on this blog apparently was taken very seriously by those preparing this year’s lectionary.

The Lectionary states, “The colours suggested for each day… are not mandatory but reflect common practice in most parishes.” (page 4). Now clergy, with the high level of theological education and formation expected in our Church, should know where to do the deep research required for what colour is usual during Ordinary Time. Yes… most of the church, throughout most of the world, throughout most of history have used Green for this Sunday (“Green for growth”).

So, having researched the colour which is the “common practice in most parishes” for this Sunday, the Lectionary has, as you see (the image above is from this year’s Lectionary), been updated from last years options. This year we wear every possible colour… EXCEPT Green!

In order to be really helpful for those preparing the future lectionary (remembering, as noted, that our Lectionary describes practice) – please complete the following poll:

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