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The Letter to the Colossians


Internationally and ecumenically we are reading and praying our way together through the letter to the Colossians.

What resources do you find useful?
What ideas do you have for working our way through this text? What ideas do you have for worship around this text? Hymns? Songs? Video clips? Maps? Stories? Any ideas and resources at all?

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4 thoughts on “The Letter to the Colossians”

  1. Remember that the letter is first pastoral, and then doctrinal – that the need for a doctrinal discussion arises from Paul’s writing a pastoral letter to people he had not met.

  2. Peter Carrell

    My own modest contribution re these Sundays can be found here, Bosco, http://preachingdownunder.blogspot.co.nz/ .

    Re the above comment, I am not sure as I refresh myself on Colossians, that a primary/secondary categorization of intent is true to the letter. Paul’s pastoral concern is doctrinally motivated: Colossian Christians are in danger of de-centering or diluting Christ. His pastoral solution is doctrinal, the Colossians need to refocus on Christ.

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