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“I’ll be gone” visual rubrics

Occasionally, I acknowledge, it is difficult to help people with a service solely by instructions in the Prayer Book’s rubrics. Sometimes it is better to provide a video of the rite, especially in this technological age. I hope, hence, you all find the following video very helpful in implementing this in your worship community. Especially watch the font at 0:55 – a good discussion here would be: how do we implement this part of the rite with inherited smaller fonts? This would be a good clip to use in your community’s worship committee discussion if you are advocating for a larger font to be part of the renewal of your worship space.

H/t @RobinwoodChurch

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7 thoughts on ““I’ll be gone” visual rubrics”

  1. Absolutely fabulous! God-crazy people….we could do with some of that in our church occasionally…(definitely occasionally!) The interesting thing is he doesn’t seem to be singing a song that’s particularly rousing!

  2. I can truthfully say that I have never seen anything like this before!

    I guess I’m a bit of a geek because when you said something about the font at :55 I was waiting for text on the screen. Totally missed the larger/smaller font meaning until splash down!

  3. I can make out president, deacon, subdeacon, acolyte, cantor and perhaps crucifer, but it’s a bit grainey; I don’t see a thurifer. I’d almost say this is an unusually academic interpretation of the Sarum use Baptismal rite; perhaps this is a Canadian parish.

  4. Oh, my, Bosco, I am having a flashback to my childhood, when the tent revival came to town. Growing up in a small town in Missouri, one of the more interesting things that happened in the summer were the “tent revivals” that would pop up for a week. I used to ride my bike over to them and peep under the bottom of the tent and watch a lot of stuff just like this!

    Imagine my horror, the time I got caught, and dragged up to the front, being told I’d burn in Hell unless I got “saved.” I broke free and ran off, grabbed my bike and was out of there!

    I did worry for a little while I was going to Hell, but I also thought that if Heaven was full of such goings on, maybe it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. LOL

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