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Well-rehearsed spontaneity

Many have highlighted that the dance video which appeared spontaneous was actually well-rehearsed.

I am not concerned that this is the case. Some of what appears most spontaneous in a drama, stage-production, stand-up comedy, busking, and so on, has actually been extremely well-rehearsed. Presiders at liturgy, others taking leading parts (readers, prayer leaders,…) need to rehearse to the point where what is “fixed” (responses, readings from scripture,…) is as “natural” as what is not. This is central to my using language as a model for liturgy.

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6 thoughts on “Well-rehearsed spontaneity”

  1. Rock on!
    I used to be a high-fashion model and we did this in store windows. This is fantastic. The implications are profound. Good job! Loved the kid on the upper level.

  2. This reminds me of something Dr. Sunukjian taught us in preaching class: learn your sermon so well, that you can preach without notes as if the thoughts are forming as you speak them.

    (btw, I LOVE that video!)

  3. It also applies to church music. In a modern-style “praise and prayer” service, one has to be flexible and ready to adapt mid-flow, and be prepared to go directly from one hymn or song into another. When practising those songs I often find myself spending somewhat more time in preparing and practising for various possibilities of those sections and possible links that ultimately appear to be “spontaneous”, than in going through the written out hymns and songs themselves.

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