Update April 15: I put up an image yesterday unaware that this was a prank. Observant regular to this site, Robert Greaves, discovered the source. Following the link he provides , it appears that this price tag was produced by Kyle Hepworth of Seatle, WA and then placed in a local Safeway store where he remarks that at least one of his tags stayed up three days. Someone else photographed his tag and that’s how it ended up on this site. My apologies for any hurt I caused in my part in continuing this unwittingly. I hope it has lead to some positive reflection on what Christ actually did die for. And: go and buy something extra from Safeway – what we call a “girlcot”. I am also removing the image from my site.

I found the image here Seven whole days and I am also informing him of its history.

Original source: Failblog

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