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What is Christmas for?

twitter discussion
Many listened in to the above public conversation (and here).

What do you make of a conversation like this?

I see God’s action as a multi-faceted jewel: creation, incarnation, death, resurrection, ascensions, salvation, giving the Spirit, sanctification, glorification, theosis, parousia… and understand that as we look at one facet of that jewel we continue to hold the others to which it is attached… and that as humans we often are only able to focus on one facet at a time – hence the Liturgical Year…

Let us pray (in silence) [that we may grow into the life promised at Christmas]


God,                     [or God of incarnation]
you wonderfully created
and yet more wonderfully restored
the dignity of human nature;
grant that we may share the divine life
of the one who came to share our humanity,
Jesus Christ, our Saviour
who is alive with you,
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and for ever.

I abhor the use of “liberal” as a derogatory adjective for some (many) Christians. I think the categorisation and siloing of Christians into hermetically sealed groupings a very unhelpful oversimplification and am much more interested in actually listening to what individuals really say and discovering that they have a mixture of positions, opinions, and beliefs which do not easily fit under a single label.

I struggle to visualise a Christmas Eucharist that, while it may have focused on the incarnation in the sermon, failed to mention Christ’s death, resurrection, etc. in other parts of the service… The equating of the sermon with the service is myopic…


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