People going into church

There are some very good Christian communities. I worshipped with two exemplary communities this weekend.

But sometimes (say in holidays) I visit a community for Sunday worship, and at the end wonder, if I lived there, would I go back? Too often I think I wouldn’t…

And that leads me to ask myself: What do I go to church for? What do/would I look for in a church community? I think I want at least one of the following:

  • Some enrichment of my real life. Some connection (say in the sermon, or another part of the service) which actually helps me in my real, daily life.
  • Some deepening of my relationship with God. Some sense of the numinous.
  • A sense that my presence enhances and helps others meeting there; that my presence is of value to others there.

You may have some other reasons you can add in the comments, why you bother going to church.

I think that some of the basic ways to make a service enriching are not as difficult as people sometimes give the impression.

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