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Videos of note

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4 Responses to Videos of note

  1. Bro David says:

    The black drummer doesn’t seem to realize that you aren’t supposed to wear anything under a kilt!

  2. Bro David says:

    I recognized that a few of the scenes in Pharrel’s video were shot in the Amtrak Station in Los Angeles. I have been there a couple of times switching trains. I was a little surprised at the guy dancing through the mausoleum though!

  3. Brian Ralph says:

    Thanks for the video of the speech by Lupita Nyongo.
    It was very moving and I have forwarded to some friends. I saw her in the movie “12 years a slave” on Tuesday when our hiking group went instead of walking. While not as bad as poor Christchurch, it was not outdoors weather in Dunedin either. Cannot say the movie was an “enjoyable” experience but the acting was superb. Good to learn more about this delightful young lady.

  4. Bro David says:

    Padre Bosco, here is a video from a presentation in the Diocese of Glasgow & Galloway, SEC, that you might include in your next Videos of Note’


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