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Month: January 2009

improper 2

The New Zealand Anglican Lectionary gives one of the titles for today to be “Proper 2”. There is no explanation, nor introduction. Reader further: Improper Sundays Unfortunately and inexplicably the NZ Anglican Church’s website has (a sixth of the way through the Church Year) still not placed the current PDF of its published Lectionary online

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Sinulog festival

My Filipino American e-friend Joshua Migallos Ligan introduced me to Sinulog, the Feast of the Santo Nino [=Holy Child] of Cebu. He wrote to me that the holiday season extends from All Saints’ to Sinulog, the third Sunday of January. The Sinulog is an annual festival held on the third Sunday of January in Cebu

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Do you know your Bible?

A young preacher appeared before a committee hiring a new pastor for their church. The chair of the committee asked, “Young man, do you know your Bible?” “Yes,” the young man replied, “I know my Bible.” “What part do you know best?” the chair asked. The young preacher replied, “Well, I know it all good—the

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improper lectionary celebrations

This year’s New Zealand Anglican Lectionary has added a new, extra title to today’s three titles in English. There are now four different English-language titles for today in the Anglican Church of Or! The fourth is “Proper 1”. This new title was launched, as usual in our province’s liturgical landscape, without explanation or introduction. We

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Fr. Paolo Padrini, mentioned in the following announcement, sent me the following notice. My only addition would be that the breviary is not merely “the book of daily prayers used by priests” – it is the prayer of the whole church. The Liturgy of the Hours was celebrated by all in the early church, and

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Another year in liturgyland

This is the second full calendar year that this site has been running. During this year there have been 264,797 unique visitors. Compare that to 130,540 for 2007. Currently, this increasing trend means there are often 10,000 visitors a week to this site. Thank you, to the regular visitors to this site, for your encouragement.

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