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Another year in liturgyland

This is the second full calendar year that this site has been running.
During this year there have been 264,797 unique visitors. Compare that to 130,540 for 2007. Currently, this increasing trend means there are often 10,000 visitors a week to this site.

Thank you, to the regular visitors to this site, for your encouragement.
Thank you to all you bloggers and webmasters who link to this site. If you let me know I acknowledge your link and link back.

The top ten pages this year, in order were:

  • The home page from where you can explore resources and reflections
  • Liturgy of the Hours – introduction and starting point for daily office resources
  • Worship resources – including lots of eucharistic prayers
  • The online virtual chapel – with all sorts of devotional online material, including a place to light a virtual candle and share a prayer
  • Liturgy of the Hours online – a list of links to excellent daily office resources beyond this site
  • Celebrating Eucharist – the online version of the book I wrote more than a decade ago to help individuals and communities in their celebration of the eucharist
  • Reflection on prayers – each week at least one reflection is highlighted starting from a collect
  • Church Year resources – everything from outlines for a service (usually eucharistic) for a particular festival or time of year to a specific prayer resource or reflection in the Church Year
  • Lectionary reading – a weekly introduction and context of the Revised Common Lectionary, three year series of readings shared internationally and ecumenically
  • Lectio Divina – an introduction to the ancient and ever-new tradition of reading the scriptures as God’s Word to us individually and as a community.

People from 194 countries visited this site during the last year.
The top ten, in order were:

  • USA
  • UK
  • New Zealand
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Philippines
  • South Africa
  • India
  • Ireland
  • Italy

Once again, God bless you all, thank you, let us pray for each other and all who visit here and link here and use the internet for good. Have a great 2009.

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