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The image above shows the number of visitors to this site over the last four years. In the last month, the average has been 1,500 visitors a day, with about 250 of those daily being regulars here.

Top stories this year were communion on the moon and the end of the Anglican communion, with more than seven thousand visitors each. About half of those arriving here are looking for specific information. Very popular is information about praying the Liturgy of the Hours. The Virtual Chapel is a top resource. The free online-version of my book Celebrating Eucharist also continues to be ranking near the top of the more than 2,000 pages of this site. There was also high interest in Ash Wednesday, Lent, and Easter resources, and, of course, recently Advent and Christmas. The blog is regularly a top landing page. I am interested that only about 5% of visitors come directly from Twitter (with more than 42,000 followers there, I might have expected a higher proportion) – but it is difficult to tell if once found, if people then go directly to this site. Similarly for facebook – only about 1% of visitors come from facebook.

Over 10,000 messages have been filtered out by the spam filter (sorry if your appropriate, un-anonymous, good comment got caught up in that – see the comments policy).

This site is produced by one person, in my spare time, any costs come out of my pocket, I learn to use all the software, I’m grateful for hints and help from friends – but anything that doesn’t work – is my fault 🙂 I’m grateful for your enthusiasm and encouragement – that you find the material useful and visit here and place links on your own site and encourage others to visit encourages me to continue putting effort into this site. May God bless us all as we, in the Year of Our Lord 2010, grow in union with God together.

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