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4 thoughts on “Fear not!”

  1. Thanks again, Fr. Bosco.

    I had never noticed before that Linus drops his blanket in the telling.

    I am reminded of the penultimate paragraph of Edward Schillebeeckx’s Jesus An Experient in Christology:

    “At the start of the book I repeated the story from the Acts (4:10-12) about the lame man who was cured when he heard from Peter ‘the story of Jesus’. M.Buber too recognizes the potential of the story in the telling, when he has a rabbi relate the following: ‘My grandfather was paralyzed. One day he was asked to tell about something that happened with his teacher – the great Baalschem. Then he told how the saintly Baalschem used to leap about and dance while he was at his prayers. As he went on with story my grandfather stood up; he was so carried away that he had to show how the master had done it, and started to caper about and dance. From that moment on he was cured. This how stories should be told.’ ”

    May we, like Linus and the grandfather, be healed, even for a time, in the telling (the haggadah) of our salvation.

  2. In all these years of watching this program, I never noticed that little detail! Thank you for pointing it out, and for reminding me that it’s important to include this special in my holiday viewing.

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