If you are hesitant about getting online, starting a blog, organising a parish or group website, setting up a twitter profile – let me encourage you not to hesitate. Any of these are now so simple to set up, free, and easy to run. They need not be time-consuming. You may not know the positive good you are spreading through a ripple effect. I receive many tweets, comments, and emails affirming the value of a cyber-presence. Here is one recent email as an example

You may be interested to learn of the ripple effect of your website.  Some time ago I visited it after reading about your “Liturgy of the Notices” on the […]  list.  After reading your recommendation I bought Benedictine Daily Prayer and began observing the Liturgy of the Hours.  I put a brief note about this on the […] Facebook page, a site I check into very infrequently.  Another member contacted me about this after buying the book, asking for help in navigation, so I sent him the list of page numbers for a couple of offices and he figured it out after that.  His life has become so enriched from observing the hours, as has mine, he is now becoming a Benedictine Oblate.

Thank you for all your good work.  I’m sure there are many more blessings you’ve spread that you don’t even know about.

So if you have wondered whether to get online – I hope this post is the encouragement you need to give it a go.

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