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Liturgy of the Hours on iPhone

iPhoneThe Liturgy of the Hours is one of the significant areas on this website (Resources for Liturgy of the Hours). This site attempts to encourage the disciplined praying biblically together ecumenically. People of faith have always been in the forefront of using the latest technology (the scroll, the book, the printing press). Now one can purchase the Liturgy of the Hours as a download onto one’s iPhone or iPod Touch. It is not a cheap application (about $US 42) but it is the equivalent of about 5,000 pages. Universalis, the producer of this application, is not everyone’s cup of tea. They do not have the copyright to authorised Roman Catholic psalm translations, so some Roman Catholics do not accept that this can be used to pray with the church. Pious geeks without a vow of poverty will not be deterred.

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