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4 million pages


The 4 millionth page has been served from this site.

Thank you to all of you who regularly visit here. Many of you are also part of the Facebook Page, follow Liturgy on Twitter, subscribe to the RSS Feed. Many of you contribute and participate in the discussions. Many of you have a link to Liturgy on your blog or site, or have organised such a link on your community’s site. Many of you use one of the badges. Thank you.

The 4 millionth page was read by someone in Singapore seeking a review of a Bible translation. At the same time there was someone from Italy reading about the Liturgy of the Hours, from USA on the New Zealand Prayer Book, from South Africa wanting an image of Jesus, from Sweden reading about liturgy as work, from USA and from NZ reading about General Synod, and from Ghana reading a commentary on a collect.

God bless all who gather in this community around this site. Let us continue to pray for each other.

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