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Advent 1 resources

New Zealand Roman Catholics are this Advent Sunday moving to the people’s responses of the new English Mass translation. Some resources are here. The priests will continue to use mostly the current English Mass translation. I do not think anyone else is doing this? So this makes Kiwi liturgical history. On Saturday I will put up a blog post with the intention of providing the opportunity for Kiwis to give their reaction and comments to using the actual texts in context. One irony, of course, is that the significantly altered Gloria will not be used 🙂

Advent collect – reflection from the collect/opening prayer

Original, Southern Hemisphere Advent collects
An outline example and resources for an Advent Eucharist
Advent in the Southern Hemisphere

Advent wreath blessing
Southern Cross Advent Wreath blessing

Advent penitence

O Antiphons chants

Advent badges to put on your blog or website


Many people like, from time to time, to add a badge to their website or blog. If you like the idea – send your friends the URL of this blog post.

The HTML for adding the above badge to your blog or website is:


The HTML for adding this badge to your blog or website is:

Please do let me know if this is, or is not working – one little letter wrong in the coding and all falls apart 🙁

If you are on Facebook, you can send these badges to your friends there using church stuff

Please add good quality Advent resources, and especially links to online resources in the comments section.

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