Yesterday (today still in some places) was the Feast of Christ the King. Even with a future king in recent positive news, and a current king in recent negative news – we don’t really think much in terms of kings and kingdoms. So the politically correct title often becomes, “The Reign of Christ” – but, let’s be honest, neither kingdoms nor reigns are the ways we think much. “Culture” is one way in to the concept – “The Culture of Christ Sunday”.

Another is recognising the Jewish tradition of ending the lectionary, the cycle of readings on the feast of Simchat Torah, when the last section of Deuteronomy is read, and the first section of Genesis is begun once more. And they dance with the Torah scrolls. Sometimes dancing for hours. Simchat Torah was seven weeks ago – and is always about then.

Were you dancing with the scriptures as we concluded our reading of the Gospel of Luke, of our lectionary year? At least on the inside?

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