Anglicans from the diocese of Qu’Appelle and Roman Catholics from the archdiocese of Regina celebrated the Day of Pentecost together at Holy Rosary Cathedral in Regina, Canada. The Anglican bishop and the Roman Catholic bishop led the ecumenical service. The joint service was the result of the covenant between the two dioceses, signed in January 2011. The two dioceses occupy roughly the same geographic area in southern Saskatchewan.

In 2009 an ecumenical Day of Pentecost service planned by the Anglican bishop and the Roman Catholic bishop in Newcastle, was cancelled on orders from the Vatican.

Possible reasons I’ve heard suggested why one happened while the other was forbidden:

  • Anglican-Roman Catholic (and other ecumenical) relationships have improved from 2009 to 2011
  • Canada isn’t prime territory for picking off congregations for the new Ordinariate, so ecumenism there is fine. But in England the Vatican does not want to give the impression of any approval of the CofE, because that might dissuade them from crossing over the Tiber. (cf. the political/timing connection between the nineteenth century establishment of the RC episcopacy in England and Apostolicae Curae declaring Anglican Orders invalid).
  • [update: see comment below]

  • The Canadian service flew under the Vatican radar (it is easier to ask for forgiveness than permission)

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