I don’t normally write a post straight. I’ve often got more than one idea for a post and I add notes in moments snatched between other things I am doing. I first had the idea for this post a couple of weeks ago. Then there were 1,248,360 people on Facebook in New Zealand (population about 4,268,900 – ie about 30% of all Kiwis are on Facebook). The proportion is not much different to other first world nations – about a third of the population is on facebook. Checking a couple of weeks later, there are now 1,375,560 Kiwis on facebook (32%): 127,200 have joined within the last fortnight! In New Zealand! 10% increase in a fortnight! Generally on any given day, 50% of these log onto Facebook. The average user spends nearly an hour a day on Facebook.

Facebook has a (relatively new) possibility of public pages. Here’s the one for Barack Obama (a month ago 7,830,331 “fans” on the  stats page – now that’s 8,223,055 – and for those who cannot spell their president’s name, another version). Such a Facebook public page takes about 5 minutes to set up and is totally free. Recently Facebook improved the pages flexibility enabling the removal of individual annoying or inappropriate comments. We look forward to even more moderation options.

Where is your parish or community Facebook page? Where is your diocesan Facebook page? Your national church page? If you or they do not have one – why not?! The internet is just like another country – if the church is not present in that country, why not? In terms of population it now goes: China, India, Facebook, United States of America, Indonesia…

Australasian Rev Mark Brown set up the Facebook Bible page. It took 17 months to get to its first million, but only 5 months to get to its second million. He has four people helping to moderate the page.

This site has a far more moderate facebook page. It is a significant part of the network around this site.

What is your church doing? What is your local community doing? Is there a “find us on Facebook” button on your community website? What do you think?…

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