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Biblical devotion for children & families

There are many ways to have a discipline for prayer and devotions, including for families and for children. Check this one out:

Nick Connolly came up with a very interesting way to read through the Bible in three years. Each day one reads from a different part of the scriptures. I bought his e-book, then bought a hard-copy. I took up an e-conversation with Nick in which I suggested he consider producing a daily website. He took up this suggestion enthusiastically.

But now he has gone a quantum leap further. He is producing a website http://bts4children.wordpress.com with the same concept and specifically directed towards children and families. Brilliant!

Because he is on the wrong side of the date line 😉 Nick makes sure that the material is up for those of us on the planet that start the day rolling. [This means the date shown for the blog post is actually the day before the devotion]. You can click through to the reading. And even hear it read. [Pitty NRSV hasn’t got its act together to have a read version online :-(]

Do give this a try.

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4 thoughts on “Biblical devotion for children & families”

  1. As a children’s minister, I constantly have parents asking me for advice when it comes to worshipping at home. I am so happy that I found this blog post! I think that a lot of my students’ parents will enjoy checking out Nick Connolly’s unique way to read the entire Bible in three years. I can’t wait to share the idea with my kids’ parents!

  2. It’s 6 am Eastern Time in the USA…middle of the night in New Zealand. I rise early each day to write Firestarters for the new version. Thank you, Bosco and Margo, for your enthusiastic support for this new direction in family Bible reading. My day is further “jump-started.”

    If there is anything I can do to help, I’m here and the wonderful way that the internet can join “here” with “now”!

    You’ll find that the date and day of the reading now are in sync.

    Your brother in Christ

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