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1 thought on “Blog action day 2009”

  1. Dear Reverend Peters,

    If we get into an arms race with another country, we may be faced with a choice of unleashing a first strike, or being destroyed, or being conquered by a country that might infringe on our religious and other freedoms.

    We need to get dangerous countries like Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran to agree to a freeze on their WMD’s and hypersonic missiles. If so, we should do the same. Naturally there should be immediate inspection of suspected sites.

    To get them to agree to this, we should offer a combination of the promise of increased trade, versus the threat of increased sanctions. The spread between the two should be enough so they won’t risk putting the WMD’s and/or hypersonic missiles at a secret site and hoping they won’t be discovered.

    While we are at it, we might do the same to get other countries to have the same human and animal rights we are willing to have, such as freedom of religion (not including anti-religious activities such as satanism or animal torture.)

    The same with environmental measures we are willing to take, like perhaps saving the rainforests.

    Perhaps you can urge your followers to write to the President, (perhaps Congress,) and newspapers.

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