Sydney's Museum of Contemporary Art

Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art

I use the word “contemporary” as much as, or more than, the next person. In fact I use “contemporary” when some use “modern” because, naysayers notwithstanding, I think much of our contemporary world is more “post-modern” than “modern”.

Sometimes I joke that some contemporary artists, on their deathbed, will go, “ha, ha – gotcha!” [We’ve all seen art that consists of a pile of rocks in a circle, the rocks not touching, and the artist has left the person curating the exhibition free to arrange the rocks any way they like; or an unmade bed…; or a stack of bricks…]

What I hadn’t noticed, previous to walking past the Sydney Museum of Contemporary Art, is that the word “contemporary” is gluing together “con” and “temporary” (were the architects having a now-not-so-private joke?!)

I hope you can pick the tenor of this post. Even so, in the context of developing and leading contemporary worship, the observation should cause us to pause.

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