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Contemporvant Worship Template

There has been previous mention of the above video. I think it is so awesome it deserves its own post and focus.

It forms a template for Contemporvant Worship. The NZ Anglican Church has a Worship Template passed by our General Synod (“Come in – do something – leave”). Obviously I think that this video’s template is far superior and far more appropriate for this millennium. It is a template for worship that is contemporary and relevant – contemporvant.

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14 thoughts on “Contemporvant Worship Template”

  1. One of your twitter ‘followers’ here, thank you for all the good things you offer us, and we use..
    In your prayers please can you include the terrible troubles in Gaza, which never receives any public condemnation – mainly because USA supports Israel. Maybe you could watch this video and if you can encourage others to hear the great music, and view it, too, perhaps we’ll all be a bit more concerned for the people of Gaza, Christians and Muslims alike http://youtu.be/Y4rLfja8488

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. What is your twitter profile? The Middle East is regularly in my thoughts and prayers – and I encourage that to be the case with others. Thanks & Blessings.

    1. “…when the church turns contextualisation into cameleonisation!” Brilliant, Joshua! And when the chameleon tries to look like a stick or like a leaf – the stick/leaf is still better at being stick/leaf – so if people want a stick or leaf, why go for the chameleon? Blessings.

  2. And to think I’ve invested so much energy in the prayerful study of the vesperal stichera of the Byzantine octoechos, when all along I could have been worshipping contemporvantly!

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