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Phillip Tovey & Bosco Peters

Conversation with Phillip Tovey

Phillip Tovey & Bosco Peters

I was delighted to meet Rev. Dr. Phillip Tovey and welcome him to my place for a meal.

The conversation roved from India to Africa, the UK, USA, NZ, with much laughter and some deep reflection. We kept discovering bizarre connections – a monastic community we both knew, an important point we were both firmly committed to, some people we knew…

The conversation, no doubt, will lead to some posts here (my discovery that there is at least one Mar Thoma parish here {these are in full communion with Anglicanism}, new Canadian collects,…), and pepper some others…

He lectures on liturgy at Cuddesdon College, leads the MA in Ministry in the Diocese of Oxford, chairs GROW, the editorial board for the Worship series of Grove Books, is a member of the Inter Anglican Liturgical Consultations, and on the editorial board for the Liturgy and Society series published by Ashgate. He has published several Grove booklets, and in a number of journals including Theology, Studia Liturgica, and The Indian Journal of Church History.

His latest book is Inculturation of Christian Worship: Exploring the Eucharist and the related Inculturation: Eucharist in Africa (Joint Liturgical Studies).

Amongst other things, he wrote Anglican Confirmation: 1662-1820 (Liturgy, Worship and Society), The Theory and Practice of Extended Communion (Liturgy, Worship and Society Series), and contributed to JLS 71: Anglican Marriage Rites (Joint Liturgical Studies).

He has been brought to New Zealand as the Selwyn Lecturer by St John’s College. He is currently researching into the prior experience to training of Reader candidates. He is the Director of Licensed Lay Ministy (Reader) Training in the Diocese of Oxford, as part of the Oxford Diocesan Ordained Local Ministry teaching staff.

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