All kudos to the Roman Catholic Church in New Zealand for having the integrity to make public the statistics that religious affiliation makes no difference to marriage statistics.

In the recent, December, NZ Catholic newspaper, a two page article looked at the national statistics:

Roman Catholics are 3.7% separated (total population is 3.4%); RCs are 6.6% divorced (population 7.0%); never married/never civil union RCs 31.7% (population 31.4%); non-marital de facto RCs 11.5% (population 12%).

Among Catholics who were married, females outnumbered men by more than 12,000 suggesting that more Catholic women than men are in mixed marriages.

Among Catholics who were divorced or separated, women outnumbered men by 38 per cent, nearly twice the margin of females over males – 20 per cent – in the overall Catholic population aged 15 and over. Females outnumbered males by only 2.55 per cent in the general population aged 15 and over.

… Mass counts in the six New Zealand dioceses in late 2006 revealed that 18 per cent of Catholics – 90,281 out of 508,000 (census) – attended Sunday Mass at that time.

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