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Regulars will have seen that things have been changing, appearing, disappearing, and reappearing here. Over the last few months I have been asking your advice, thinking hard about what may work best, and seeking help in how to implement this. I believe and hope that the structure underneath what you are seeing here will serve well into the future. The “look” of the site is now quite flexible – and will develop, be prettier, and more user-friendly.

This site has evolved. It started in Dreamweaver. Then RapidWeaver. Then a hybrid: RapidWeaver for the home page; WordPress for the blog. That became an issue. The blog, with over a thousand posts was one focus, and the home page another focus. And WordPress improved as a way to organise sites.

So WordPress is now the primary organiser of this site. I wanted to keep the best of the home page and have the blog posts as part of that. The issue was that several ways of doing this meant that those who went to the blog page would find nothing new! Many people all over the world gave excellent suggestions. Thank you. Finally I thought of trying to move the whole blog post file to the home page. And then do a 301 redirect (sorry technical language) from what was to what is. That is not simple. And I thank everyone for all your ideas (including those I didn’t end up trying) and implementation. You know who you are. Thank you.

The look and content and user-friendliness of the site will develop little by little. I have purchased Headway drag-and-drop theme and am convinced that this will give me flexibility in organising everything. People know I have a very busy life and ministry, and that I do this totally in my “spare time”. I have been getting up earlier this week to get to this point. And there have been moments of holding my breath as new things were tried and checking to see what, if anything, had fallen off.

God bless you as Advent draws to a close, for the Christmas Season, and the Year of Our Lord 2012. Let us continue to pray for each other and all who visit this site and make the wonderful community that it is.

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