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Episcopalian solitary

Sr Mary Paul
Sr Mary Paul
I know there are a number of solitaries who are regular visitors to this site. A solitary takes religious vows not within an order or religious community, but directly to his or her bishop. Some run websites and our sites are linked, and you will find them in the links to this website.

I am delighted to have e-met Sr. Mary Paul. Her website is The Still Heart. After a long journey, Bishop Sergio Carranza, of the Diocese of Los Angeles consecrated her on October 30th 2008 as a Professed Episcopal Solitary. With Life Vows of Simplicity, Obedience, and Chastity. In Anglicanism Professed Solitaries are few and far between. There was one I knew in the Dunedin Diocese (NZ) but he has now passed away. One suggestion is that there are only six such Nuns and one Brother in the entire Anglican Communion.

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