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Facebook Changes

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Social media keeps changing.

In the facebook world, Mark Zuckerberg’s recent post made waves:

we’re making a major change to how we build Facebook. I’m changing the goal I give our product teams from focusing on helping you find relevant content to helping you have more meaningful social interactions.

We started making changes in this direction last year, but it will take months for this new focus to make its way through all our products. The first changes you’ll see will be in News Feed, where you can expect to see more from your friends, family and groups.

As we roll this out, you’ll see less public content like posts from businesses, brands, and media. And the public content you see more will be held to the same standard — it should encourage meaningful interactions between people.

1) Please can you pause, and if you haven’t “liked” the Facebook Liturgy Page (or aren’t sure if you have) go to the Facebook Liturgy Page and click “Like”. On the button immediately to the right of that, if you click “Follow” – on the drop-down menu I think it will say “Default” – you could preferably tick “See first”. You should find that Notifications are “On”. Thanks!

2) There are people, over the years, who have committed themselves to praying for those who gather around the cluster of this site and its related social media sites. Now, we need people who will commit to regularly sharing posts from the Facebook Liturgy Page, who will click an emoticon to posts there (Like, Love, Haha, Wow,…), and who will make a comment, add a thought, ask a question… This could be you! You could each day or once a week or in some other way go over to the Facebook Liturgy Page and be engaged there.

3) And I need to learn how to adapt to the changing internet world. I will try to use live videos. I’ve already started using video more. I have just started a Facebook Liturgy Group. Do consider joining. And let’s have the same culture of light over heat there. This is part of my trying to learn about these developments also.

4) Those of you with a passion for the digital world also need to take similar steps. Having a site that you own yourself continues to appear to be important (and easy to do) in a digital world which keeps changing. But around that site, you can have a network of other sites (facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest,…) that relate to each other and to the owned site. And we need to keep up with the changing context we find ourselves in. In the past, I have encouraged the use of a facebook Page – I am still enthusiastic about that, but the days of a huge viral reach may have gone (I have previously reached 7 million people with one facebook post!). The days of simply putting a church notice up on your facebook Page – like some sort of newscasting bulletin board – those days may be behind us.

A helpful introduction to recent changes is found here.

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