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Freshened site

A month ago I asked for suggestions for freshening this site. I received good, helpful, positive suggestions. I have been able to implement most ideas. Some are beyond my and others’ expertise. Some improvements will continue as time allows. I spent more than three full days of my holidays working on the site’s functioning.

I have decided to run the site at a fixed width.
The blog functions much better now on iPhone, iPod touch, Android, Opera Mini, Palm Pre, Samsung touch and BlackBerry Storm/Torch mobile devices.
It is clearer if you arrive on the liturgy home page that the blog is a very significant part of this site.
You can now subscribe to comments on a particular thread.
You can share a post in a variety of ways – the buttons I put there first were very large and it was suggested I place something smaller there. I have also done that.
There are links automatically generated to similar posts.
Broken links are being worked on – in particular, the contact link was broken.

So, as you can see, mostly improvements, rather than radical revolution. I am looking to improve the search functionality, and have a few other ideas in mind. So, the observant might continue to see changes.

I did write to one internet priest blogging colleague when I was frustrated with the time this was costing me (not mentioning the financial costs) wondering why we put this energy into all this. The positive side is the enthusiastic feedback I get about something being really helpful…

If you enjoyed the video clip above, you might also enjoy this One Ronnie Songs of Praise sketch. Then again, if you are easily scandalised – better not look at it.

If you are not signed up to the RSS feed, you can do so here.
The Liturgy facebook page is here.
And the Liturgy twitter page is here.

ps. many readers here are using Internet Explorer. Please take seriously Microsoft’s security warning. Pass it on.

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