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A Presbyterian Covenant

I was visiting Akaroa recently and saw this notice of their Covenant outside the Presbyterian Church:

Our Covenant

Banks Peninsula Presbyterian Parish

We covenant to respect the diversity of belief among ourselves as together we grow in understanding of God and of our own lives.

Respect means that we will surround the other person with appreciation, seek to understand their point of view, and allow them to disagree.

This is the sort of Church we hope to be.

Feel welcome to join us!

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10 thoughts on “A Presbyterian Covenant”

  1. How can that be a covenant?

    There’s no strict, codified set of orthodox beliefs, no focus on the certain kinds of sins they just won’t tolerate in their midst, nor legalistic provisions for drumming out heretics or apostates. ‘T won’t be any good’ll come of that I’ll warrant.

  2. Then God spoke these words:

    “I am the Lord your God, you shall have no other gods before me. Unless you disagree, I can respect that.”

    Exodus 20:1-3 (MSST – Modern Seeker-Sensitive Translation)

  3. Well, as a Presby myself, I had to weigh in on this one. I think it’s admirable that the congregation is promising to respect each other as they grow in their understanding of God — certainly both worthy goals. But a “covenant community,” as the Reformed if anyone are supposed to know, must be centered around some definite beliefs. I’d be curious to know if this congregation has a statement of faith to go alongside this promise to respect each other. By itself, it suggests (at least to me) that “God” is fundamentally an elusive concept, and we can do no better than “grope for him and perhaps find him, for we too are his offspring.” I think Acts 17 is a worthy starting point for theology, but certainly not its telos!

  4. Where is everyone’s sense of humor and fun today??? The congregation is taking a stand in the, “name,” of a covenant. I loved the stand and am taking it at face value. We have enough arguments over the other, “Covenant,” let’s leave it at that!

    1. Chris, you may have to look more closely at Brian’s avatar to notice the twinkle in his eye and his wink – hence my response 🙂 Irony sometimes is lost in translation… I think it is fine that Mike sees limitations in it.

  5. You’re right…I did not see it! 🙂 Thanks for pointing it out. We have so many here that are in constant argument that I fall into defense mode.

    Sorry, Brian.

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