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God Willing

God Willing

I just watched the DVD version of God Willing (Italian: Se Dio vuole – with English subtitles) is a 2015 Italian comedy film directed by Edoardo Falcone.

Here is the NON-USA Format: God Willing
Here is the USA Format: God Willing

I suggest – the less you know, the more fun it is.
All I think you need to know is that there is a focus on Tommaso, a successful, highly-respected (read “feared”) cardiac surgeon who is an atheist.

With great acting and good laughs, the film presents lots of ideas for reflection: the nature of God and of miracles, priesthood, the contemporary view of the Church and of Christianity by many (the majority?), family, confidentiality, and what is really important in life. There are poignant moments. And, for once in a religious film, I didn’t spot a single “religious” mistake.

If you’ve seen it – make comment whether you agree with my recommendation to watch it. But, please, in the comments, keep to my agreement not to give a single thing away. If any readers don’t like placing such trust – they can go and look up the trailer online – but note, like so many trailers now, it gives most of the story away.

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