Holy Women, Holy Men: Celebrating the Saints is a revision of The Episcopal Church’s Lesser Feasts and Fasts, improving the biographies, choices of scripture, and composition of the collects. It also includes new commemorations authorised by the General Convention. The book includes the calendar, resources for the weekdays of Advent until the Baptism of Christ, the weekdays of Lent, and the weekdays of the Easter season. Each person being commemorated has an excellent, reliable one page biography, and a Trinitarian collect (to the first person of the Trinity, through Christ in the Spirit), as well as three readings, a psalm, and a proper preface. There are common resources, a six week daily thematic lectionary, and the two year daily eucharistic lectionary which (I need to examine this more closely to be certain) looks to be the same as used by the RC Church, and hence many others using a dialy eucharistic lectionary (NZ, CofE, ACC,…)

A pdf file of Holy Women, Holy Men is now available on the General Convention Office website, among the documents for the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music: [Update: this particular link is no longer active and so has been removed – links in the comments below lead to other ways to access this material online].

This is in response to Resolution A089 which, among other things, asked that “liturgical and musical resources be made widely available not only in print but also in electronic format on the internet.”

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