Facebook’s page The Bible was the most engaging facebook page of the week. Founded by Kiwi/Ausy Rev Mark Brown, it has over 7 million members (ie “like”), and during that week it had 905,125 interactions.

The page Jesus Christ came in at number 8 with 2,124,766 people and 399,285 interactions; and Jesus Daily with 4,777,288 people and 389,276 interactions.

There were people using twitter for Holy Week (you might like to add ways you know in the comments). There were people using facebook for Holy Week (again let us know how in the comments).

Then there are communities that are making no significant use of the internet whatsoever! To me that feels like knowing the Americas exist and are a major influence in our world – but choosing to ignore having any mission or ministry there…

Does your parish have a facebook page? Your diocese? Your community? Does your community have an-up-to-date website? [Here’s how to make one using wordpress quickly, attractively, and free] Eg. in our context, if you are a person affected by the Christchurch earthquake and want to go to a church service, the Roman Catholic website is up-to-date (clearly indicating updated May 2) and provides clear information, maps, and times. How do the websites of others stack up?

ps. Studies are examining how engaging in all that Facebook has to offer seems to spike our brains with the hormone oxytocin. The effect that the hormone has on a person is like falling in love. There is a bit of a parallel in my reflection on how we are virtually together.

[pps. this site uses both facebook and twitter
ppps. to encourage people to view Easter as a season, not just a day, you can “attend” this facebook “event” and invite your friends]

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