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8 thoughts on “How People Get To Blogposts”

    1. Yes, Anthony, the results are helpful – the importance of the RSS feed is a surprise. The excerpt approach was best practice when I set it up many, many moons ago (I would need to relearn how to set up RSS now 🙂 ). From memory it was to do with encouraging people to visit a site. This affects google ranking, search/findability, etc. In hindsight, from these results, it was wise advice. Blessings.

      1. Interesting – I wonder how much effect it has on search rankings etc. Speaking personally, I much prefer feeds which have the full content, as it saves me the bother of clicking through. I try to keep on top of a lot of blogs etc., and unless an excerpt really grabs my attention (which doesn’t happen very often), I just move on to the next article.

        1. From the results so far, Anthony, it seems a quarter have clicked through to the full article from the RSS feed. What you say applies the same from those coming from facebook. An alternative would be syndicating the full post, including on facebook. There is much to think through, and search engines have changed significantly over the years. These results will help that thinking. And I have very limited time, you will understand, to maintain and advance this site. Blessings.

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