This is not some sort of trick question where I actually know the answer or have strong opinions but I’m hiding them…

How can we celebrate the Easter Season better? Let’s work out together some creative ways that we can celebrate the 50 days of the Easter Season at home, in a flat, with a family…

In Advent many homes will have an Advent wreath and devotions around it, for the Christmas Season we have the Christmas Tree and a Christmas crib set,… What ideas do we have, what traditions can we develop, for the Easter Season?

I write about the Easter Season here. This includes trying to think through some ways that we can translate the season, which originates in the Northern Hemisphere

We in the southern hemisphere could make far more use of a Service of Light throughout the fifty days of Easter. Daily, or on certain days, people might gather in church in the evening, to light the Paschal Candle and sing the (at least sixteen centuries old) “Hail gladdening Light” (Phos Hilaron ?] page 175) or another hymn. Thanksgiving for light may follow, incense may be used (Ps 141:2), and parts of Night Prayer, Evening Worship, or the Daily Services may be used. Such a Service of Light, appropriately simplified, can form a very attractive focus for family prayer or prayer in a house group.

That includes my suggestion that a simple action with a candle could form, say, an evening devotion every day in the Easter Season.

In church every service has the Easter candle lit, and there are lots of Alleluias. Those who pray the Daily Office, similarly, find lots of Alleluias in your antiphons, maybe you use a special selection of Easter or festal psalms, and certainly Easter Season readings.

So, can you think of, or do you already have, simple rituals, ideas, ways to make the Easter Season special at home, with children, etc.? Ideas that would work in both hemispheres? Ideas that would work particularly in the Southern or in the Northern hemisphere?

And while you are at it, please join the facebook “event” Easter is 50 days – and encourage your friends to join also.

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