A wordle of Mark's Gospel

As usual at this time of year (and also other times of the year) I spot debates about how we are redeemed (“soteriology”). The debates can get heated. And do.

People can get pretty heated about theories of creation also.

I believe in the Creator; which means I believe we are created. I trust and entrust myself to my Creator.

How did God create everything? Well I accept the Big Bang and evolution – but my life won’t be too devastated if scientists come up with a better theory. How did God create me? Well, I’ve got a pretty good idea about that… I’d be a little more surprised if we’ve misunderstood that…

There’s lots of things I accept; and use. I might have a vague idea about how it works – but not really in detail. I don’t really know how this laptop I’m typing on works. I don’t imagine I could replicate this laptop even if I worked at it all my life and was given all the raw materials I asked for. I don’t really know how light works from the screen to my eye. I don’t really know how my eye works. I’ve got some vague ideas about these things; and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of my ideas are wrong.

If I don’t understand how these simple things work – I’m not too hassled I don’t quite understand how God works!

I believe in the Redeemer. I trust and entrust myself to my Redeemer.

There’s different theories about how we are redeemed. I’ve studied them academically, in a five year theology degree, from a reputable university. And longer. Some of the theories I personally find appalling, others I find appealing. Others find the appalling ones appealing. Some people take more literally things I take more metaphorically. Some people take more metaphorically things I take more literally. And I wouldn’t be surprised if some of my ideas are wrong.

But I don’t believe in my theory of redemption – I believe in my Redeemer. And I am not saved by my theory of redemption – I am saved by my Redeemer.

The image is a wordle I made of Mark’s Gospel

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