I recently read about a parish where the staff, once a week, read out prayerfully, from the parish directory, a list of about twenty families. This is great. And I in no way want to denigrate this – quite the opposite. The reporting had an element of surprise – even from the experienced priest – at how profound this new experience was for them. My surprise is that this is surprising.

As it may very well be surprising, it led me to write this post. I encourage you to have a system to pray for people, especially in your community. Occasionally you might tell people that you pray for them by name. It can affect people deeply. Many a time I am told that “my grandmother always prayed for me”, “my godfather always prayed for me.” Telling the person, of course is not the purpose.

But also know that there are people committed to praying for you who visit this site, and for the petitions put up on the Chapel candle area.

Some people also have a booklet in which they note people they are praying for.

What intercession disciplines do you find useful?

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