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6 thoughts on “Jesus was an Anglican”

  1. Way to go, Chris!! great piece!
    come on Phillip, you missed the point completely…. don’t let the old ROMAN bias get you off the path 😉
    a Roman and loving HIM!!!!

  2. Actually, Jesus was a Jew.

    Roman Catholic is a denomination – capital “C”. The word “catholic” in the Creed means “universal” – small “c”

  3. David |Dah•veed|

    Reminds me of the joke about the guy who died and went to heaven and St Peter was giving him a tour. St Peter pointed out a group having a song fest as Methodists and a group playing bingos as Roman Catholics. After a time of identifying all of the different Christian groups enjoying the bounty of Heaven they approached a wall and St Peter advised him to whisper. The guy asked why and St Peter said that on the other side of the wall were the churches of Christ, “And they think that they are the only ones up here!”

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