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Kingdom come update

Capernaum on Benmore

Rumours that the New Zealand movie of Christ “Kingdom Come” is in trouble are claimed to be unfounded. The source of the rumours appears to have been a delay in the building of sets by Lake Benmore – New Zealand’s “Lake Galilee”.

The sets are in a really good state down there and it’s not as huge a build for us down there any more as it is in other parts of the country. It’s just a major area for us to be securing accommodation for. It will be hard while we’re filming, too, but that’s a few months away.

says production manager Brigitte Yorke

The director for “Kingdom Come” is Dean Wright who created visual effects for two films of The Lord of The Rings trilogy and for the Narnia films.

Image above: film site being built on shores of Lake Benmore (Timaru Herald)

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Of the following images, some may be the Sea of Galilee, some may be Lake Benmore. See if you can work out which is which.

Update 5 December: There was a poll here. The actual answers and the poll results follow the images.

image 1

image 2
lake 2

image 3
lake 3

image 4
lake 4

image 5
lake 5

Image 1. Benmore. No one thought it was Galilee
Image 2. Galilee. Around half the respondents got this right.
Image 3. Galilee. Essentially everyone got this right.
Image 4. Benmore. Around half the respondents got this right.
Image 5. Galilee. Around half the respondents got this right.

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