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Kingdom still coming

I have tried to keep visitors to this site up to date about developments on the life-of-Jesus movie Kingdom Come to be filmed in New Zealand. So little information appears to be available that I have had several emails of people seeking to act in the movie – even attaching a photograph purporting to show “how much they look like Jesus”. Please no more (lol)!

This week several newspapers ran stories that the movie was not going ahead (Christianity Today, NZ Herald, Dominion Post, and The Timaru Herald). Extras who have been growing their hair (probably some of the same ones that have been emailing me) have found the delay an issue and are threatening to go to the barber.

Latest indications, however, appear to indicate that the announcement of the demise of this film may have been premature (NZ Herald again, Nelson Mail, and Otago Daily Times). Let’s hope that the filming does go ahead. And furthermore, let’s hope for a real quality film of the life of Jesus.

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