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Another Kiwi priest begins blogging

howard-pilgrimAs a strong advocate of and encourager to clergy and other Christians to bring mission and ministry into the 21st century and cyberspace, I am delighted to see that Rev. Howard Pilgrim is another Kiwi Anglican priest who has just started a new blog. The blog is called Hermeneutics Workshop. Howard describes himself as “a New Zealand, Anglican, liberal evangelical biblical scholar”. I try to eschew boxes and categories – but if we must have them: this orthodox charismatic evangelical catholic wishes Howard all the best in this new venture.

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8 thoughts on “Another Kiwi priest begins blogging”

  1. This site address isn’t working for me either, I get an “under construction” message. Looking forward to visiting it!

  2. Thanks for your helpful directions to my new site, Bosco. I tried all these combinations – without the /, without the http://, and either.org or .com (I own these both and they both point to the same site). They all work, but if you leave off www. you will get DirectNIC.com where I have the domain registered.

    As for getting more content up to justify these welcoming responses from your readers, I have been learning techinical stuff about WordPress and am now pressing onwards… Be patient, like the postal service I will deliver!

  3. David Allen |dah•veed|

    Sorry, none of the links work from here either. All I get is as the others, the NICDirect under construction notice.

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