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Lemonade Stand Award


My good e-friend Fran Szpylczyn has honoured me with the Lemonade Stand Award. At her Parish Blog of St Edward the Confessor she generously writes

Liturgy is the blog of Anglican priest Bosco Peters. Fr. Bosco is tireless in his efforts to engage and inform people of faith. I do not think that he has an equal in how he uses the internet as a pulpit and as a source of community, catechesis and of prayer.

As is the nature of such internet memes, one can trace the “apostolic succession” back quite a way: Fran received it from three bloggers, including Catholic Sensibility and Between the ‘Burgh and the City, these two had both received it from Fr. Austin, a Concord Pastor, who received it from Deacon Greg who received it from Deacon Scott Drudge who received it from A Roman Catholic Convert who received it from okie-booklady who received it from Book Bird Dog – are we back at St. Paul yet? 🙂

So that this apostolic succession is not broken, I want to pass this honour on to:

Seven whole days Scott Gun is humorous and thought-provoking.

Bishop Alan’s Blog Bishop Alan is thought-provoking and a… bishop. We need more blogging bishops.

Santos Woodcarving Popsicles The name says it all! It just needed the lemonade stand to complete the image.

3 minute theologian for the attention-deficit generation – what was I giving to him again… Oh yes…

The Cartoon Blog by Dave Walker What might Jesus have been drawing in the sand in John 8?

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