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Little Drummer Boy

This has to be one of the coolest current Christmas videos. 16-year-old, overtly-Christian, Sean Quigley, has arranged this, sung, played the instruments, recorded, mixed, mastered, directed and edited this.

“Drummer Boy speaks to me so much,” he said. “The whole song is a story. It’s about this boy who gets word of Jesus being born and he goes to see him and he doesn’t have anything to give him; he’s like ‘I don’t have money, I don’t have gifts to give you. But I can play my drum and that’s more than enough’.”

Here is a wonderful five-minute interview with Sean:

Thanks to Lynn Kading who let me know about this.

I have just rebuilt this website “under the hood”, hence this post is actually a repost – the original post “fell off” in the rebuild. So, apologies if you had a comment here. Those comments have disappeared. New comments (or reposting of comments) of course welcome!

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2 thoughts on “Little Drummer Boy”

  1. I have got to put a ‘Best of Bosco’ section on my website!

    Thinking of you and yours with love this season, so much to process during Advent and Christmas, you are a marvellous Christian teacher Bosco. Thanks for all you share, year in, year out, year round.

    1. Thanks, Tracy! You, too, are an inspiration to me! One of the wonderful people that I only know through this medium of the internet – a new expression of the Body of Christ, the Communion of Saints. Blessings.

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