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Liturgical Fouls

The content of this post has been unashamedly/very ashamedly (pick one) stolen from my good e-friend Fr Tim Schenck’s blog Clergy Family Confidential, who, after this overt theft, may suggest I remove “good” from before “e-friend”, and possibly even the “friend”, leaving my introduction to be simply “stolen from my e- Fr Tim Schenck’s blog”). Fr Tim, of course, is the world-famous founder of Lent Madness. Here, Fr Tim suggests throwing down a penalty flag if the priest wears the wrong liturgical colour. The rest is self explanatory (especially for those who follow American Football):

Illegal Procession (out of order)

Heretical Trinitarian Theology

Deacon on Wrong Side of Celebrant

Unseemly use of Liturgical Dance (resembling Chicken Dance)

Happy Clappy Worship

Sermon Over 15 Minutes

Overly Enthusiastic Peace

Illegal Use of the Orans Position

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5 thoughts on “Liturgical Fouls”

  1. In my liturgical world we play cricket not baseball. You will recall that cricket is a game in which a variety of delivery styles and batting strokes is encouraged without penalty. Indeed one may choose which side of the wicket one bowls on, and whether one appeals loudly with lots of hands in the air or quietly with hands at one’s side. 🙂

    1. The tradition used to be that cricketers always would wear the same colour – white. Maybe if liturgical colours were always white (or white with stripes like the photos) there would be less confusion (although we’d be stuck in one liturgical season, reminiscent of Groundhog day?).

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