Christchurch airportChristchurch has a new airport. It is very nice. Except for one thing. Those who designed the signs should get an international “fail” award. Go and talk to the information booths (as you will need to if you don’t know where you are going) and ask them: many, many people cannot find their way following the signs. , for example, can mean anything: straight ahead, or vertically above your head, or go up the stairs behind you (or possibly even go back the way you have come)! When I see ↖ I just have to give up.

The screens with departures and arrivals have text so small – obviously they do not want anyone over the age of 45 years to travel unaccompanied! And they appear to flick rapidly between options, so that the moment you have finally found a flight, it disappears. Advice: keep staring at the space you saw it disappear – it will reappear in that same spot soon.

An airport is not supposed to be about the signs. I have travelled a lot – the signage at an airport is there not to draw attention to itself. The signage is to unobtrusively guide you through from your arrival at the airport to your destination there.

Liturgy should be like that. The leader, the instructions, the resources, etc., should not draw attention to themselves. They should unobtrusively guide you through from your arrival into a sense of community in the presence of God and send you out transformed. Good liturgy, good leadership does this. Poorer liturgy, poorer leadership, results in a focus on the liturgy and the leadership.

Liturgy should be the means, not the goal. Liturgy should be invisible.

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