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32 thoughts on “Mary Margaret Douglas tells the story of Noah”

  1. Hi there, Mary Margaret is my 6 year old daughter. She truly is a delight. She enjoys entertaining and loves all the Bible stories. She looks to be reading this story but, in fact, she memorized it all. She is also a singer and loves to sing praise (what she calls) “God” songs. I am so glad you were blessed by her video!!!

    1. Dear Lindsey,

      What a truly remarkable child of God. How does she manage to memorize the entire text? And where did this particular version of the story comes from?

    2. Hi, What a blessing! May I ask what publishers, books or videos does she watch or listen to to be so animated? I know there are s many but she tells the stories so clearly. She is precious God bless you all!Thank you very much. Bridget

  2. Hi again! My husband typed in “Mary Margaret tells the story of Jonah” on google and your website popped up. He was just trying to get to her Youtube video. We still enjoy watching it. He couldn’t wait to tell me that someone else enjoyed her video. I did see that you posted her Jonah story (it is my favorite). We are so very glad that you enjoyed it. She thinks it is fantastic that other people have watched the videos and can’t wait to make another one. She is working on the story of David right now. She certainly loves reading her Bible and learning all the stories. She has even taught me a thing or two. 🙂

    1. I’ve shared this with my two girls and feel so blessed for them to see the passion and truth of the stories of the Old Testament – thankYou (and Mary Margaret) more would be wonderful

  3. Mary Margaret,

    I’ve been a catholic storyteller priest and preacher for over thirty years and loved your bible story telling of Jonah. You are reaching out to thousands on the web who need to hear of God’s love. God is blessing you. Where can I purchase a DVD copy of the story you told in your church. I’d like to show it to children at a summer bible school. Fr. John

  4. YES, a child shall lead them. Mary Margaret Douglas has awakened a mass appeal like the LEFT BEHIND SERIES movies. I showed this to our young ladies of her age with their Moms last night at First Free Will in Dothan, Al. and it has been sent to Spain, Uruaquay, and to an undisclosed area of the Far East where English is taught as a second language.

    As Paul Harvey would have said—–Mary Margaret Douglas, lead on!!

  5. Mary Margaret is an amazingly gifted story teller! WOW, what a blessing she was to hear and watch! As she continues to be fed and led by her Creator to bring light into the world, may God receive the glory for the great things He has done and is doing.

  6. I just want Mary Margaret’s parents to know that I received the link to their daughter’s story on “God Tube” through an email from my sister. I was so blessed by this that I looked for her on You Tube and found her 3 stories there, then shared them on my facebook page. She is an amazing story teller and the comments I have received on my facebook page are many and all very positive. I am sure you are about to receive much attention with these as they make their way around the email circuit. I look forward to seeing more of Mary Margaret in the future. Thank you!

  7. Hi there! I am Mary Margaret’s mother. Your kind words and comments have moved me to tears today and I thank you all. You do not have to buy a DVD of her videos. Feel free to download them from our Youtube account. Here is a link to our Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/douglasfamilyof5?feature=mhum

    Please share them!!! I praise God that she is blessing others with her stories. We have so enjoyed reading the sweet comments from others. She has been amazed that her video has traveled the world. We want her to see that one little person can make a BIG difference for the Lord. Merry Christmas to you all!!!

    1. Lindsey,

      What a total blessing your daughter has been to so many of us. Would you mind sharing how her life is now and if she is still involved in sharing God’s word?

      Rita in Alabama

      Thank you for having shared your daughter with us all!

    2. Hi, Lindsey! I love and adore your sweet daughter Mary Margaret and her passionate story telling! She has a natural gift and I’m sure God is very pleased that she is using her talents so wisely. I’m seeing this for the first time in 2019. I did not realize it’s from 2010. Is Mary Margaret still telling Bible stories? I’ve only seen the Jonah one so far and I watched it three times.She is wonderful! I sincerely thank her for doing what she does so well! God Bless! -Mrs. Donna Nelson, Coxsackie NY

    1. Hello Lindsey and the family.

      Greetings from Holland. My wife and I have watched a couple of stories by Mary Margaret and it is true what the Bible says: The Lord has given His praise into the mouth of the very little children (Psalm 8). Be sure that He will finish what He has started in the heart of such a child. We hope you enjoy Gods blessings in your family.

  8. Mary Margaret,

    You are wonderful!

    Never let anyone take the blessings of the Lord your God from you!

    We love you!

    Hugs~Dusty from Washington State

  9. Mary Maragret,what a blessing,I watched you thru God tube.What a true little missionary you are,Gods blessing on you and your family

  10. Dear Mary Margaret, and Mother…Lindsey,

    I’m sixty-two years old, and have spent most of my life working in the field of Law Enforcement, Correctional Services and Homeland Security with a Bachelors/Masters of Science Degree in Criminal Justice; I’ve taught State Troopers, Police Officers, Firemen, Politicians, Wardens, Directors, and Medical First Responders, and never in my life have I ever heard or listened to any adult, not to consider a six year old that can place so much emphasis, into interesting detail as little Angel Margaret does. She is spot on with every detail, and to think at her tender age that she possesses such talent and intelligence to tell the story with expression that also captivates her audience across the entire world. I learned of her via a friend, that sent me her story on David and Goliath…that led me to explore deeper and listen to the story of Jonah, her songs…All I want for Christmas is a Hypopotomus, and Tomorrow, and now I have learned from comments here, that she has the story Noahs Ark…can’t wait to open it and listen to it as well. I laugh, cry and fall in love with each appearance by Margaret telling her stories that is like being there as a reader, with the perception I possess due to be focused completely on what she tells while acting out the bible characters, in each story. I loved and laughed when she told the story of David and Goliath, and she imitated Goliath so comical, and then in the story when she tells about Jonah, and how his hiding was endless as nobody can {Hide} from God…how true, and she brought that reality to the forefront in the way she expressed it so soundly and realistically. God bless you, Mary Margaret, and your family that has raised you so well…God is truly using you and will continue to do so far into your precious and beautiful life. Thanks so much!

    Respectfully, and Sincerely,
    Michael Rayford Powell/Law Enforcement Retired

  11. Wow….is is simply amazing to watch and listen to Mary Margaret share the bible stories and to sing. Life doesn’t get any better than this!

    May God continue to Bless her and her parents!

  12. lankozus australia

    We recently experienced God’s absolute love expressed by a child, Mary Margaret you are so blessed of God, we just want you to know how appreciative we are and the wonderful comments of everyone we have forwarded this blessing of God to.
    We are in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and cannot wait for the next episode.

  13. Maradesa Samuel

    I was moved to tears on listening to the story of Jonah as narrated by Mary Margaret. she is just a blessing to the world. may the Lord continue to uphold her.

  14. Lindsey can you please tell us what video she learned Jonah from we want to purchase from the store that version for our grandchildren

        1. Sorry, Anita. You have just arrived at a website that has embedded that video – I hope you can find what you seek. Blessings.

    1. I watched the video as a child. I recognize the story!!!! I wish she would tell us the name of the video it came from because I can’t remember!!!

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