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New Zealand special services 1914

In 1914 Special Forms of Service were published which were “Sanctioned for Use” in what was, in those days, called “the Church of the Province of New Zealand”. These have recently become available online.

I. Form for the Laying of a Foundation Stone of a Church
II. Form for the Dedication of a Church or Mission Chapel
III. Form of Consecration of a Church
IV. Form of Consecration of a Churchyard or Burial Ground
V. Form of Service for Dedication and patronal Festivals.
VI. Form for the Laying of a Foundation Stone of a Church School.
VII. Form of Institution to a Cure
VIII. Form of Admission of a Lay Reader to his Office
IX. Special Dedications of—
1. A Font
2. An Altar or Holy Table
3. A Pulpit or Lectern
4. An Organ
5. A Church Bell
6. A Window
7. A Lych Gate
X. Form for the Unveiling of a Memorial Tablet
XI. Form of Intercession for Missions
XII. Form of Prayer and Thanksgiving for Harvest
XIII. Form for the Burial of Children who have been Baptized
XIV. Special Form for the Burial of the Dead
XV. Form of Benediction of a Grave
XVI. Table of Proper and Selected Psalms

My thanks to Richard Mammana for letting me know about this resource. He typed the text of the 1914 book from a copy belonging to the late Thomas Rae. The web formatting is by Chad Wohlers.

I did not have this resource. I do have the 1959 revision of this.

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