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I knew NIV was dodgy

The Book of Mark has 678 verses. The Book of “Mark” in the NIV (New International Version) has 666 verses! The NIV’s book of “Mark” contains the “mark” of the Beast 666! This proves who is behind these modern, phoney, satanic perversions of the Bible.

ps. LOL
pps. This is exactly the way I preach.
ppps. NOT!
pppps. Don’t trust a version that mistranslates Isaiah 7:14 (and doesn’t even put the Hebrew original in a footnote!)
ppppps. Don’t trust a version that cannot be used by over half of Christians because it excludes the Deuterocanonical books (“Apocrypha”).
pppppps. If you cannot read the originals – start with NRSV (and keep a good eye on the footnotes)
ppppppps. If you enjoyed this preaching style his “him that pisseth against the wall” sermon must stand for all time as a classic in this genre.
pppppppps. LOL
ppppppppps. H/t to Rev. Peter Carrell
pppppppppps. dividing the Greek text into verses as a scholarly device dates from the mid sixteenth century

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11 thoughts on “I knew NIV was dodgy”

  1. Even though I changed denominations/ensured my salvation/threw away my salvation (delete as appropriate), I have to say my favourite version is the New Jerusalem study version.

    I was reassured that the good Revd wees while standing – what a brilliant video!

  2. LOL – I’ll remember this next time I’m pushed for time with my sermon prep – getting people to count the verses beats trying to think of something helpful to say about them!

  3. Bosco, I’m gonna guess that if the video were to continue we’d learn that the only translation he accepts is *gasp* the good ol’ Authorized Version of 1611, commonly known as the KJV. I’m just glad to know that so many fervent, God-fearin’ “preachers” out there in the English-speaking world are delighted to give full credit to that towering work of scholarship and beauty produced by none other than the church so many “dissenters” love to hate, The Church of England! 😉

  4. This is what happens when you’re not accountable to any other Christian authority. He’s sickening, and apparently has an ongoing hate thing about Obama. Needs considerable prayer. As do his children.

  5. Hi Bosco and others on the site

    What is the best version to use

    I own the NIV the living Bible and the Chain reference Bible I need some advice

    1. The one you’ll read. I don’t mean to be flipped but it’s the truth, the best version is one that you will read.

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